Cru on your campus could be a collection of small group Bible Studies meeting throughout the week; or it could be nearly 100 students meeting on Thursday night to get to know others on your campus and hear compelling, culture-engaging teaching from the Bible.  Each campus is a little different.  What is the same is this: We care about three things.  Loving God.  Loving people.  Serving the world.  

Our love is motivated by God's love for us.  The ultimate expression of God's love is seen in him sending his son Jesus to live and die on our behalf.  Experiencing this love creates in us a love for Him, and a concern for the things he cares about most...people!

God loves people tremendously.  This motivates us to put our own interests aside to love one another.  It is because of this love that we are committed to walking through life together helping one another understand more and more the depth of God's love.

We also learn from the Bible that God is passionate about restoring our broken world to the way that it was always designed to be before it was polluted by evil.  It is for this reason that we find ourselves joining with God in his plan to make the world right through issues of injustice and suffering in St. Louis and around the world!