Here are some of our favorite stories about how God has been moving in the lives of students!

From right to left:

Jack is a grad student from China studying at UMSL.  After coming to our Fall Getaway in October and hearing about the Gospel, his mind had been occupied thinking about what God had done for him.  He told one of our staff, "There must be a way for me to pay for all my mistakes.  I wish I had a whip that I could beat myself with!"  Our staff explained the Gospel again and gave him a booklet to look over that summarizes the message of Jesus' life and death.  A week later he sent a text that read, "I really liked that booklet!  I have opened the door of my heart and made Jesus my Savior."

George is an International student at Webster University.  George and one of our staff, Daniel began talking about faith.  When Daniel asked George how someone gets to heaven he answered, "By doing good things."  George went on to tell him about all the hard things he had seen and done in the army.  Daniel told him about how Jesus' life and death had made it possible to be forgiven.  George asked, "But don't you think someone who has done the things I've done has crossed some kind of line?"  When Daniel explained that Jesus had paid for all of his sins, George said, "You mean I can really be forgiven?"  The two of them prayed together for George's forgiveness.

Deena is a student in the Gospel choir.  She had hoped that the Gospel choir would be a place where she could have a positive influence on campus.  After a year, however she had started to give up hope.  The constant partying of the Gospel Choir had discouraged her from engaging in real spiritual dialogue with them and Deena had started to make plans to quit.  In October she came with Cru students to our Fall Getaway.  After the weekend retreat, Deena said that she had found courage and confidence to start moving toward other Gospel Choir members to help them grow spiritually.

When our Cru staff member, Willie sat down with Ewan at UMSL he didn't think the conversation would go very far.  Ewan told Willie how much he hated Christians and how bothered by them he was.  Willie asked Ewan if he had read much of the Bible.  Ewan said he hadn't.  So Willie challenged him to read one chapter of the Gospels (the eye-witness accounts of Jesus' life).  They read one chapter.  Ewan asked to read the next one.  They read another, and another.  Thirty minutes later, they were praying together as Ewan gave his life to Jesus!